About Nine West Women’s Floral Dial Strap Watch

Nine West Women’s Floral Dial Strap Watch

Are you wearing something that makes you feel like you’re dressed up for work? It sounds like something only the most ambitious individuals would ever do, but that’s the appeal of wearing a watch. Wearing a watch gives you the power to look put together at the drop of a hat. Of course, there’s more to it than that. You can dress up any outfit with a watch, making it ideal for people who have a hard time picking out what to wear. If you have a job or a social life that requires you to look your best, you might find that wearing a watch is a helpful way to do so. But, with so many options, it can be hard to know where to start.

This Nine West watch has a stylish floral dial and strap that makes it perfect for creating an outfit with a bit of pizzazz. It also comes in various colors, so you can pick out any look you want. What we like: This is one of those watches that makes you feel chic. The contrasting strap and the flower design make it able to be worn with just about any outfit, whether casual or professional. Just add a pair of pumps or heels, and you’re set! What we don’t: Of course, being able to wear this watch without shoes isn’t the only way to use this watch, but if you value looking put together more than comfort when it comes to wearing an eye on your wrist, this might not be the best option for you. We understand, though! Why We Recommend It: There are plenty of other reasons we recommend this watch over others on the market; for one thing, it looks great for both day and nightwear (we can see ourselves wearing this during a night out!). Plus, it’s a cute watch that’s easy to wear. Anyone who enjoys wearing watches will appreciate this one.

This is another watch that we recommend for women over age 50. It has classy black leather straps and is highly durable. This means you can wear this watch without worrying about it falling apart or losing its shine any time soon – which is very important if you’re using it as a fashion accessory. The bold black strap and silver/gold border gives it a sophisticated look, so you can wear this to work or out with friends with ease. The face has three distinct colors: red, green, and blue (we love colors anyway, but we think they make a face stand out even more than if it were all black).